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Winter Garden of the Ursuline nuns

An Art Nouveau gem

Resplendent Art Nouveau

We have no idea what prompted the Ursuline nuns in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver to make the rather bold decision to build this truly magnificent Art Nouveau building. After all, this style was considered hyper-modern in 1900. And yet, this enchanting Winter Garden with its colourful stained glass cupola is considered the most stunning feature of their boarding school, for young girls from good families. What’s even more intriguing is that nobody knows who designed the Winter Garden. And yet the architect’s design skills are unparalleled.

Don’t believe us? Well, come take a look for yourself because this is Art Nouveau at its most resplendent.

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Beer in Women’s Hands

What is Beer in Women’s Hands?

Do you know that feeling when the waiter stares at you in disbelief because you, a woman, have just had the temerity to order a beer? For decades, the popular belief was that beer was only brewed by and for men. History reveals, however, that women produced and sold most of the ale. In the Middle Ages, for example, the beguines of Mechelen used to brew beer in the place where you now find the city’s brewery, Het Anker.

Immerse yourself in (beer) history with “Beer in Women’s Hands” and combine your visit to Mechelen with some stylish beer tastings in various locations around the the city centre. Sample various Belgian regional beers in elegant glasses, try some beer cheese, beer chocolate or beer ice-cream and enjoy a culinary experience by pairing beers with various tasty dishes.

Forget wine, beer looks much better on you!

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