Beer in Women’s Hands

What is Beer in Women’s Hands?

Do you know that feeling when the waiter stares at you in disbelief because you, a woman, have just had the temerity to order a beer? For decades, the popular belief was that beer was only brewed by and for men. History reveals, however, that women produced and sold most of the ale. In the Middle Ages, for example, the beguines of Mechelen used to brew beer in the place where you now find the city’s brewery, Het Anker.

Immerse yourself in (beer) history with “Beer in Women’s Hands” and combine your visit to Mechelen with some stylish beer tastings in various locations around the the city centre. Sample various Belgian regional beers in elegant glasses, try some beer cheese, beer chocolate or beer ice-cream and enjoy a culinary experience by pairing beers with various tasty dishes.

Forget wine, beer looks much better on you!

Deliciously stylish

Take a stroll around Mechelen with the new experience guide “Beer in women’s hands” as your guide and find out how women played a vital role in Mechelen’s history as a beer brewing city.

Learn why Emperor Charles V lost his cool in Den Beer brasserie, get to know some of the more colourful character in Mechelen like Leen Patat and Zwette Maria, and read more about the Beguines’ business acumen in this experience guide.

The intermezzos give you a basic introduction to the art of beer brewing. Together with beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem we also dispel a few myths like “beer will make you fat” and “drinking beer is not elegant”.

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Mechelen has several pubs, restaurants and shops that are creative with beer.

In fact, there are 31 establishments participating in Beer in Women’s Hands. They all present a tapa, main course, dessert or other product which uses beer as an ingredient. On the Tasting Map (comes free with the Experience Guide) you can already get an idea of what they could be, but the exact dish may vary depending on the available ingredients and the season.

Take your pick, taste it and enjoy! There is plenty of room on the back to record your tasting experiences.

Bon appetit and cheers!